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Residential Moving

As your residential moving company, Vancouver Moving offers the most efficient residential moving service. Our goal includes providing each customer the most credible and reliable moving services in the area. As a team, we always dedicate ourselves to our work, which includes trainings to equip us with the skills and knowledge on how to provide the best residential moving service. We have personnel who specialize in fields like packing and storage to make sure our customers receive the best service. With our advanced moving equipment and expert work-force, we guarantee a to give you satisfying residential move.

Our Locations In Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Moving
405 Main Street Vancouver, BC V8A 2T5
Phone: 888-451-8718

Vancouver Moving Inc
666 Burrard Street, Suite 500 Vancouver, BC V6C 3L1
Phone: (604) 200-0211

Metropolitan Movers South Vancouver
310 East Kent Avenue South Vancouver, BC V5X 4N6
Phone: 604-757-9784