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"I did not regret hiring you as my moving company. You know that I am not in the country to supervise the move but my kids and wife told me they didn’t even lift a finger. I completely trusted you guys because of the good reviews of your company. In my case, you did a great job. You were responsible and friendly and even my kids did not treat you as strangers. You were amazing. I know my wife is pregnant and you always tell her to relax. She said you did not let her help. I really appreciate your kindness. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you."

-- Neil, 38, Vancouver

"Hey guys, I want to extend my simple thanks to t movers last Monday. It was a perfect day for me. I thought you were like the other company but you weren’t. You did arrive on time and I was thankful I finished my move at 12 noon. I had so much time spent with my family driving around our new place. You’ve done a great! You can come to his birthday next Monday. Thank you."

-- Jasmine, 32 , Vancouver

"All I need is a good move and you guys gave it to me. You are an incredible company. I’ll call again for my move."

-- Stevie, 24, Vancouver

"I will really introduce you to my friends if they need a moving company. Thank you so much for a great move last Friday."

-- Tim, 26, Vancouver

"Moving is not fun and moving in the rain is not fun but these guys made it so easy. They came prepared with all the right equipment, made sure my stuff remained dry and they did it in record time. I've experienced movers before that just talked about their tip the whole time that they were moving. Not these guys they just kept working and made sure to get 'er done. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. They are great workers and gentlemen. Thank-you sirs"

-- Ramsay Tulip, Vancouver

" Moving is probably one of the top least favourite things for me to do, since I have moved way too many times in the last few years because of my work, so I have suffered through some of the worst moving experiences possible. However, your service and attitude certainly made this last moving experience one of the least stressful ones I've ever had. I really appreciated the way you all listened to me before hand because you made sure that the most valuable pieces I had were well taken care of - those pieces all had to do with my work! I really can't ever afford to lose them ever. You got it all packed and moved and done. And, its nuts I know, but I most likely will be moving again within the next 6 months or so (or even maybe sooner, my crazy work) so I will be calling you for your help again. Reasonable, professional and helpful. Very satisfied with the efforts of your service."

-- Stealth Armour, Vancouver

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